• Corporate 4.0
    (the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

    The difficult problems you couldn't solve yesterday,
    combines with the new challenges today and on the horizon tomorrow.
    It's 'sink or swim' in the perfect storm of business 4.0

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    Leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking

    Think about it

    How you approach leadership strategy, understanding complexity, problem-solving and designing solutions is first thought and then action.

    Your grey matter, therefore, becomes a vital tool to continually refine to produce high-quality thinking and actions.

    > Thinking newsletter fills your Grey Matter to do just that. What makes this newsletter different from others? Quite simply you get to learn the fundamental principles of high-quality thinking.

    What's Inside

    It's a resource. You will be introduced to a vast reservoir of practice-based thinking that integrates the best of three worlds - first principle science, academic rigour and real-world commercial application.


    Four Industrial Revolution (4IR) thinking. Pseudoscience, textbook MBA models and armchair philosophy have diminishing returns in 4IR. *We guide you by focusing on frameworks, models and skill set necessary for effective next-generation leadership. Focused intention. We raise your awareness about approaches to understand complexity, solving difficult problems, and designing/ implementing solutions. When you're confused think of this as your 'Prof.' who's giving you ‘bottom line' clarity.

    Focused intention. We raise your awareness about approaches to understand complexity, solving difficult problems, and designing/implementing solutions. When you're confused think of this as your 'Prof.' who's giving you ‘bottom line' clarity.


    Respect for context. Our readers are from every corner of the globe, like China, Europe, Middle East, UK, South Africa, USA and Russia. In addition from across all sectors - finance, automotive, sport, FINTECH, tourism, government, health care, etc. All this might seem confusing, which is why our basic starting point is the detail of socio-cultural 'DNA'.


    Functional. Practice-based, versatile and applicable. Simply add context, shake and apply.

    *Based on extensive research (World Economic Forum - 'Future of Work 2019', University College London/Freeformers, - The Future Workforce Model and Isos Mori Generations Social Research Institute).


    Next Generation Leadership in Industry & Business


    We prepare leaders for the world of work in the business 4.0 and facilitate a shift
    in mindset by designing transformative learning experiences.

    All engagements are designed to leverage experiences, and for professionals in roles who decide, develop and lead organisation, business and sector strategy.


    Designed for

    • BoDs
    • CEOs
    • MDs
    • Senior Management Teams 
    • Division Directors

    Leadership 4.0 Skills

    • Complex Problem Solving 
    • Critical Thinking 
    • People Management 
    • Coordinating Others
    • Emotional Intelligence 
    • Cognitive Flexibility 

    Benefits Include

    • Make sense of complexity 
    • Solve difficult problems 
    • Design sustainable strategy 
    • Raise awareness
    • Future proof role/business
    • Transform/enable others 

    Solutions Designed to Prepare|Shift Leadership Mindset

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    Grey Matter Thinking (Free Newsletter)


    Free newsletter -leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking


    Leaders View (Premium Content)

    Specialised educational digital media

    for next-gen leaders in vertical sectors


    Leader 4.0 Briefing-Roundtable


    Private/Invitation only interactive
    ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter


    Leadership Performance 4.0


    Individual/Group tailored capability building designed to imbed effective leadership performance practice


    Leadership Project 4.0 (LP 4.0)

    Individual/Group ‘4.0’ capacity building programme tailored to role, organisation and sector strategy


    Business Transformation 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business leadership/management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale

  • Accredited and Certified to Consult, Design, Deliver, Assess and Enable

    HE Fellow

    Chartered Member
    (CMgr MCMI)

    Certified Management
    & Business Educator

    Leadership Performance

    Executive Coaching in Performance, EMCC Senior Practitioner Accreditation & Post Grad

    Certification from The University of Strathclyde, The School of Coaching (UK).

    Authorized by Myles Downey (acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership) to teach and facilitate the delivery of Leader-Manager-Coach and the development of leadership performance coaching skills.

    Comprehensive Change Methodology

    Business Lifecycle Diagnostic and Team Integration Phases 1 and 2 Certificate, Adizes Institute (USA)

    Certified in the foundation theory and concepts of the Adizes Methodology.

    Certified to deliver and teach the Diagnostic Workshop, which includes; the implementation of change, impact teams and processes to realign an enterprise.

    Leadership and Organisation Mindsets

    Spiral Dynamics Certificate Level 1 & 2, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership, Organisational Elegance & Integral Management, Adizes Institute (USA)

    Certified in the foundation science of Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory (ECLET) and commercial application of Spiral Dynamics.

    Certified to teach, facilitate and asses Spiral Dynamics; which includes, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership and Organisational Elegance & Integral Management.

  • Business Leader Briefing-Roundtable

    The Perfect Storm in Industry & Business 4.0

    The Perfect Storm Briefing-Roundtable is a high impact activity used to raise awareness and disrupt thinking while gaining profound insights.

    Activities during the event put leaders in the ‘eye of the storm’ applying critical analysis to
    leadership, organisation and sector strategy.

    Participants are identified and interviewed, then invited to join a select peer group to discuss
    topics/subjects associated with the theme.


    Peer Groups

    Tailored Digital Media Packages

    Join The Perfect Storm
    (Private/Invitation Only)

    Experience - Learn - Network

    Enquire (Briefing-Roundtable tailored for in-company/organisation engagements only)

  • Leadership Project 4.0
    (LP 4.0)


    Capacity building programme designed for leaders who take their growth personally

    Do you understand what is on the horizon in your industry/sector?
    The demands changes will place on your leadership capacity and capability in your role?


    Industries, sectors and organisations are shifting from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ skills.
    In the next decade, your leadership effectiveness in will be measured by
    the ‘Future of Work’ and '21st Century Leaders Report'skillsets
    (highlighted by The World Economic Forum and CMI)

    The LP 4.0 helps you prepare/shift mindset for the ‘digital age’ of industry and business. We do this by design transformational learning experiences tailored to your role, organisation and sector.

    Leadership 4.0 capacity/capability solutions include;

    • Personal Leadership Strategy 4.0
    • Organisation-Sector Strategy 4.0
    • Leadership Performance 4.0
    • The Science of Leadership 4.0
    • Business Transformation 4.0

    Who should apply;

    • Organisational and divisorial leaders including; C-Suite, Directors, MD, VP, Division Heads and Emerging Talent.
    • Anyone in a leadership responsible for delivering high-level strategy and managing the performance of others.
    • Experienced professionals who hungry to learn and develop, and want to be challenged at the Masters/PhD level.

    Enquire (Launch Autumn 2020 - LP 4.0 programmes tailored to individuals only)

  • Value Based

    GMG Ltd. is a Value-Based consultancy. The client’s investment is always based upon the project within the parameters described and never an hourly rate or daily fee. The agreement is more of a retainer where the client has full access for a contracted period of time. We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision every time our assistance may be needed, nor have to seek permission to spend money if they need additional help. The client’s investment is based on GMG’s contribution to the value stipulated and the results the client achieves.

    Some characteristics of Value-Based client engagements include;

    • Invest time and resources to build long-term client partnerships.
    • Solutions serve the client’s best interest and improve their current condition.
    • Investment is measured by outcomes produced and results related to performance.
    • Impact calculated in ‘annualisation’ and client satisfaction.
    • No hourly/time-based billing or daily fee.
    • Extensive periphery benefits built into client engagements.

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