• Leadership Strategy Accelerator 4.0

    (the fourth industrial and business revolution) 


    Accelerate your sustainable leadership practice and business transformation.


    Reduce failure to cope with '4.0' environments of complexity,

    change, and problems.

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  • We are a leadership strategy accelerator 4.0


    Build your leadership strategic capacity and accelerate sustainable leadership practice transforming your role, organisation, and sector. Our purpose is to reduce failure to lead in '4.0' environments of complexity, change, and problems.


    What we offer:

    Leadership fit for industrial revolutions: 

    • Reduce failure to cope with '4.0'.
    • Deal with complex decision-making.
    • Facilitate leadership mindset shift.
    • Lead/manage change & transformation.
    • Transform direct reports and teams.

    Organisations with adaptive intelligence: 

    • Solve complex problems.
    • Lead lifecycle and systems change.
    • Build structures capacity and resilience.
    • Identify opportunities for new growth.
    • Align people, structure, and process.

    Strategy that anticipates new realities:

    • Unlock corporate developmental 'DNA'.
    • Define long-term direction.
    • Withstand competition and disruption.
    • Navigate strategic choices/trade-offs.
    • Clarify the organisation's role in society.
  • Leadership Capacity Accelerator 4.0

    Designed to accelerate leadership strategic capacity for complexity, change, and problems

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    Leadership Mindset Accelerator

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    Business Change & Transformation

  • What Clients Say

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    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA

    Professor of Practice (Leadership)

    Managing Partner

    “There are many leadership courses and consultancies that claim to transform. Our Senior Team needed reassurance before investing.

    John's practical 'taster' hooked us. John's an inspirational educator and consultant. He has a unique understanding of successful leadership. His engagement left us all incredibly impressed”.

    "He combined the best of both worlds, applying academic rigor and industry experience to clarify our leadership issues".

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    "John turned our strategy around diagnosing the business and teaching us about the principles of business change. We identified over 100 symptoms and 13 root causes stopping growth. We were able to prioritise key issues like clarifying roles & responsibilities and reduce a new M&A conflict. We've finally recovered strategic vision".

    "We used Mining for Growth [Project 2] like intense Design Thinking to identify sales and marketing opportunities. We identified around 30 symptoms and 3 major root causes to improve business performance. It reduced conflict and focused us on delivering opportunities. We also have a Fast Track Problem Solving Framework teams use so we don't get stuck in again".

    "John uses his unique ability vast experience to define his approach and help top-level leadership and management to hone their skills. Having someone like him to clarify both business and personal objectives, something that it is easy to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of daily work, leads to greater focus and better, more satisfying, results".

    "John’s approach changed how we function as a business. He developed the senior management team to diagnose the business and solve problems. We identified 20 symptoms and five root causes, got aligned, and put change in place. We have a Fast Track Problem Solving process in place".

    “He is a leading figure in business leadership with decades of experience at a global level. I would highly recommend individuals, businesses, clubs, governing bodies, and anyone wishing to progress their careers in sport to utilise John’s vast array of experience”.

    “Professor Grisby's experiences of helping leaders’ transition in industry 4.0 is packed full of useful, practical advice. His approach is a prerequisite for those leaders seeking to adopt and exploit the 'digital thinking'. It's now at our disposal".

    "We calculated John saved us between six and eight months turnover in time and resources".

  • Strategy | Sustainable Leadership Mindset 4.0 

    Designed to accelerate your leadership strategic capacity to deal with complexity, change, and problems in carbon neutral and ESG systems (Environmental, Social, and, Governance).

    Execution | Business Change & Transformation 4.0

    Accelerate your organisation's leadership and management practice to deliver change and transformation. Data shows results from embedding methodology can include 10% revenue growth after one year, 25% average EBITDA increase after the first year, and 43% growth in EBITDA and top sector quartile ranking after one year. 

    Strategy | Energy Leadership Mindset 4.0  

    Designed to accelerate your leadership strategic capacity to deal with complexity, change, and problems, integrating Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream systems with 'Newstreams' of sustainability, security, operations, and performance.

    Strategy | IT-Digital Leadership Mindset 4.0 

    Designed to accelerate your leadership strategic capacity to deal with complexity, change, and problems in real-time continuous adaptation, AI power/limitations, increasing levels of digital assets/maturity, avoiding high rates of demotivation and turnover, and understanding value-based ecosystems.

    Accelerate your leadership mindset


    Learn. Practice. Develop. Perform. Transform.




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