Corporate Leadership 4.0

    (the Fourth Industrial Revolution)



    The difficult problems you couldn't solve yesterday,

    combines with the new challenges today

    and on the horizon tomorrow.





    It's 'sink or swim' in the perfect storm of business/industry 4.0









  • Grey Matter Global is a leadership 4.0 strategy

    consultancy and thinking partner for progressive

    leaders, teams and organisations.



    We help leaders build capacity and accelerate practice to achieve

    sustainable results - reducing failure to cope with '4.0'

    environments of complexity, change and problems.

  • Purpose


    There are at least *9 different skills of ‘4.0’ corporate leadership. All skills are not equal, some are more important than others.

    Of the 9 we consider 3 the most important, which is why we only focus on accelerating leadership 4.0 capacity/capability in 3 specialist areas


    1. Making Strategic Complexity Clear: a framework for understanding, approaching and designing solutions for problems that impact long-term leadership strategy.


    2. Leading/Managing through Change: the fundamentals, principles and practices for managing and controlling change (strategic + day-to- day).


    3. Solve Problems/Deliver Opportunities: embedding ‘best in class’ methodology for implementing decisions successfully for change, growth and development (strategic + day-to-day).

    These 3 are recognised as '4.0' critical and outweigh others.

    We are experts in these areas and our purpose is to help business leaders to achieve results in an increasingly complex world.


    *WEF Future of Jobs Report 2020

  • Benchmark and assess your leadership '4.0' readiness



    Measure your Leadership 4.0 Vital Signs

    Benchmark your ability to lead business/industry 4.0


    Identify your Company Lifecycle Position

    Assess your current health and potential grow, change or transform



    Corporate Leadership 4.0 is designed to sustainable leadership practice


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  • Grey Matter Podcast Series (Spring 2022)

    Thinking Leadership 4.0

    Produced by John Grisby/Professor of Practice

    Dow the Rabbit Hole (DtRH Autumn 2021)

    The Science of Leadership Mindsets

    Since the 1960s nearly 80,000 books (and counting) have been written about leadership. The problem with understanding leadership is its highly subjective and contextual nature. There are as many different views on leadership as there are leaders, therefore, everyone has a different answer.
    There is a practical, 'hands on' approach to leadership, which are theory, models and methodology. This podcast however takes you down another route, ‘the rabbit hole’, exploring the vast human scientific domains that impact how leaders think, adapt, develop, respond, perform and survive (or not).

    Down the Rabbit Hole (DtRH) takes an innovative approach that shapes and throws new light on the subject, often approached and answered by conventional or traditional perspectives. DtRH uses the scientific framework of Leadership Mindsets to deliver unusual depth of insight. Leadership Mindsets is interdisciplinary, integrating themes that cut across and connect between different disciplines and their relationship to the real world of leadership.
    Each episode is as ‘Q&A’ with a leader or subject expert who analyses how their specific domain relates to leadership thinking, behaviour, capacity and capability.
  • Meet Your Professor of Practice



    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA


    John helps leaders build capacity and accelerate practice to achieve results reducing failure to cope with ‘4.0’ environments, characterised by complexity, change and problems (i.e. the fourth industrial revolution). He's a ‘hybrid’ combining two roles - Prof of Practice (academia) and Managing Partner (private sector). John has worked with leaders for the past 20 years across different sectors and parts of the world to help prepare/shift from pre-digital age skills '3.0' to digital age '4.0'.


    CEO (SME Performance/Development Sector)
    We are very fortunate when we met John who shares our passion and values. He has a track record in coaching people to high standards of capability and performance. For us an extremely fortunate chance encounter.

    CEO/Founder (MD Business Growth Sector)
    John inspires leaders to be the best they can be. He recently did a four-hour presentation as our speaker on how leader-manager-coach approach enhances role and business performance. The learning was profound and his execution outstanding, it had humour and authority. I feel very happy to recommend him as a speaker, a coach and facilitator.

    MD (Next Generation Talent Forum)
    John was able to take a complex subject and deliver a creative and interactive session which received some of the best feedback yet. I look forward to working in the future.

    Sales Director (MD Development and Education)
    John uses his unique ability vast experience to define his approach and help top-level leadership and management to hone their skills. Having someone like him to clarify both business and personal objectives, something that it is easy to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of daily work, leads to greater focus and better, more satisfying, results.

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