Execution | Energy 4.0 Change & Transition


    Master Company Lifecycle | Lead/Manage Change | Solve Problems


    Tailored for individuals who lead Energy change & transformation; Key Senior Management Teams, PMO Operational Excellence, Corporate Function Discipline Head (CFDH), Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement, Head of Change Management, Head of Corporate Change & Continuous Improvement.  

  • Traditional Oil & Gas leadership capacity is now a commodity in the fourth industrial.

    revolution. Upstream is Oil & Gas 1.0, 'midstream' is Oil & Gas 2.0 and 'downstream' is

    Oil & Gas 3.0.


    Oil & Gas 4.0 is now Energy 4.0, a 'newstream' which will require new leadership

    capacities to solve complex problems in performance, operations, directing, systems,

    supply chain, marketing, sustainability, security, finance, diversity and change.  

    Different Stages for Different Results

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  • ALPHA 2 - Mining for Growth


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    Extract golden nuggets of opportunity for results in 30-60-90 days


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    Team | Collaborate


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    Innovate | Synergise

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    Implement Decisions


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    Action Plan | Results


    Mining for Growth (MFG) is an intensive intervention designed to mine growth through a systematic inspection of one or multiple select key business drivers (marketing, finance, sales, customer service, etc.). Growth and opportunity are maximised when drivers are optimised and aligned with the others.


    Significant growth opportunities with existing sales/customer service are often overlooked by teams anxious to land their next new deal.


    Before you invest time and money in new sales/customer service capabilities, make sure you have mined all the opportunities right under your feet.



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