Execution | IT-Digital 4.0 Change & Transformation


    Master the Lifecycle | Lead/Manage Through Change | Solve Problems 

    Tailored for individuals who lead IT-Digital change & transformation; Transformation Lead, Portfolio Management Manager, Head of Business Analysis, Head of Change Practice, Head of Strategic Change, Digital AI Change and Transformation Leader, Change Management, Practised CIO & CTO Advisor, Technical Area Lead, Strategy Implementation Lead and Global Process Lead


  • Traditional IT-Digital leadership capacity is a commodity in the fourth industrial revolution.

    Management and knowledge is IT-Digital 1.0, rapid and impactful delivery is IT-Digital 2.0, and a cohesive technology strategy is IT-Digital 3.0.


    IT-Digital 4.0 will require new capacities to solve difficult problems, like accelerated/real-time continuous adaptation, AI power/limitations, increasing levels of digital assets/maturity, avoiding high rates of demotivation and turnover, and understanding value-based ecosystems.

    Different Stages for Different Results

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  • ALPHA 2 - Mining for Growth


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    Extract golden nuggets of opportunity for results in 30-60-90 days


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    Team | Collaborate


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    Innovate | Synergise

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    Implement Decisions


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    Action Plan | Results


    Mining for Growth (MFG) is an intensive intervention designed to mine growth through a systematic inspection of one or multiple select key business drivers (marketing, finance, sales, customer service, etc.). Growth and opportunity are maximised when drivers are optimised and aligned with the others.


    Significant growth opportunities with existing sales/customer service are often overlooked by teams anxious to land their next new deal.


    Before you invest time and money in new sales/customer service capabilities, make sure you have mined all the opportunities right under your feet.



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  • Tailored Company Engagements

    Ranked in Top 10 Change Management Solutions by HR Tech Outlook Magazine (2019)
    Ranked #3 All Time 'Best in Class' Methodology by Inc. Magazine (USA)

    Who Will Benefit

    • Company Founder/Owner Entrepreneur - MD or Family Owned Business
    • Aged between 30 and 50 years old.
    • Family owned business. Privately held established business between 5 and 25 years old or multi generational
    • Business staff size between 10 to 100.
    • Business turnover between £1M - £50M.
    • Business on 'Growth' side of the Company Lifecycle - either ‘Go-Go’, ‘Adolescence’ or ‘Prime’.


    • Situation #1: Owner/Business ‘existential need’ to proactively develop role/business activity to grow and scale (typical problems-opportunities). 
    • Situation #2: Owner/Business ‘existential crisis’ forced to invest effort, money and time ‘firefighting’ reacting to problems/challenges beyond capacity/capability to control (abnormal problems/traps/prematurely ageing). 
    • Situation #3: Opportunity to M&A or Exit-Transition and need to accelerate growth, scale, EBITDA or value creation (typical problems-opportunities). 
    • Situation #4: Key senior management/team are reactive to problems/challenges beyond beyond capacity/capability to deal with. 
    • Situation #5: Using future focused and/or non customised solutions, which treat all businesses as equal when they are not (i.e. fast growth, stagnant plateau or disintegration/ turnaround). 
    • Situation #6: Transitioning from strategy/process/technical optimisation to people/performance optimisation (i.e. from Lean, Six Sigma and Agile process to leadership/management capacity and capability building engagements).

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Double business valuation (EBITDA) in accelerated time scale (1-2 years).
    • Diagnose business holistically (problems, symptoms and manifestations).
    • Balance entrepreneurial drive with structured management.
    • Solve difficult problems and deliver opportunities at the current lifecycle stage.
    • Prepare CEO/MD and team for the next lifecycle stage.
    • Build capacity to work ‘in’ (day-to-day) and ‘on’ (strategy) the business.
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.
    • Stop day-to-day ‘fire fighting'.
    • Avoid typical business 'Founders/Family Trap' and premature ageing.