• Dynamic tailored transformational programmes for individuals who lead change programmes Key Senior Management Teams, Corporate Function Discipline Head (CFDH), Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement, Head of Change Management and Head of Corporate Change & Continuous Improvement.


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    Team | Collaborate

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    Real-World Practical

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    Innovate | Synergise

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    Implement Decisions Successfully

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    Designed for 'Full-Time' Companies

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    Action Plan | Results

    What engagements can include

    • Different ranges for different results.
    • Access to all or one Project.
    • Meeting options: In person or weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Growth Methodology Principles/Fundamentals.
    • Synergistic Team Building.
    • Specific Subsystem Diagnostic
    • Informal Assessments/Diagnostic.
    • Decision Making and Implementation.
    • Stages, Transitions and Traps.
    • Styles, Teams and Conflict.
    • Identify/Solve Points of Improvement.
    • Growth Improvement Action Plan.
    • Prepare Implementation.
    • Mine for growth' to achieve results in 30-60-90 days.
  • Use the Power of Company Lifecycle

    Ranked in Top 10 Change Management Solutions by HR Tech Outlook Magazine (2019)
    Ranked #3 All Time 'Best in Class' Methodology by Inc. Magazine (USA)

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    *+10% revenue growth after one year.
    +25% average EBITDA increase after first year.
    +43% top quartile sector growth in EBITDA after one year


    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology

  • Tailored Change and Growth Engagements

    Who will benefit

    • Specialised change/growth role: C-Suite, MD, Directors and Senior Managers, Corporate Function Discipline Head (CFDH), Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement, Head of Change Management and Head of Corporate Change & Continuous Improvement.


    • Situation #1: Organisation ‘existential need’ to proactively develop role/business activity to grow and scale (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #2: Organisation ‘existential crisis’ forced to invest effort, money and time ‘firefighting’ reacting to problems/challenges beyond capacity/capability to control (abnormal problems/traps/prematurely ageing).
    • Situation #3: Organisation opportunity to M&A or Exit-Transition and need to accelerate growth, scale, EBITDA or value creation (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #4: Key senior management/ team are reactive to problems/challenges beyond beyond capacity/capability to deal with.
    • Situation #5: Using future focused and/or non customised solutions, which treat all businesses as equal when they are not (i.e. fast growth, stagnant plateau or disintegration/ turnaround).
    • Situation #6: Transitioning from strategy/process/technical optimisation to people/performance optimisation (i.e. from Lean, Six Sigma and Agile process to leadership/management capacity and capability building engagements).

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Ensure value for investment by using ‘tried & tested’ ‘best in class’ methodologies or solutions.
    • Double business valuation (EBITDA) in accelerated time scale (1-2 years).
    • Diagnose business holistically (problems, symptoms and manifestations).
    • Solve difficult problems and deliver opportunities at the current company lifecycle stage.
    • Prepare team(s) for the next company lifecycle stage.
    • Build capacity to work ‘in’ (day-to-day) and ‘on’ (strategy) business.
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.
    • Stop day-to-day ‘fire fighting'.
    • Balance entrepreneurial drive with structured management.
    • Manage resource constraints caused by new opportunities and fast growth.


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