• altExecutive & Professional Development


    Client Profile/Situation/Opportunity/Problem/Challenge

    • Leaders responsible for developing high level strategy for the next 2 to 5 years.
    • Age between 30 and 50 with more than 5 years sector/industry experience.
    • Personal 'existential need' to proactively self develop capacity, professionalise, increase market value, progress career and/or improve role performance.
    • Leadership role ‘existential crisis’ forced to invest time and effort ‘firefighting’ reacting to problems/challenges beyond capacity/capability to control.
    • Key management/team are reactive to problems/challenges beyond their capacity/capability to deal with.
    • Transitioning from technical role specialisation to more strategic leadership role capacity/capability building.
    • Leaders coping with leadership systems and structures change.

  • Peer Group | Individual

    Real World | Practice

    Options | Intensity

    Results Focused | Outcomes

    Designed for Full-Time Professionals

    Action Plan | Implement

  • Three Results Mechanisms

    Results Mechanisms are tailored to your situation - role, team, organisation and sector

    Leader's View Premium (One-to-One)

    Leader's Vantage 21 (Teams)

    Leadership Project 4.0 (Programme)

  • Dynamic, tailored transformational learning experiences


      Grey Matter Corporate altExecutive and Professional Development are tailored leadership development engagements.
      alt is an alternative to traditional classroom based and virtual online education and development programmes. It's designed as transformational learning experience combining - blended learning, practice based and specialised expert input from professionals. The design best suits individuals who are hungry to apply leadership through practice and can leverage their experience in sports (role, game or sector).

      alt delivers transformational learning experiences ranging from self-directed digital learning packages, short tailored workshops, in-depth leadership development CPD programmes and strategic consulting.
      alt FAQs
      1). What is the difference between alt and traditional Executive Education and Development?
      Education provides straight forward teaching and knowledge. Development integrates multiple activities to acquire skill - teaching, facilitation, practice, coaching and embedding. alt goes one step further and tailors the development to the participant’s day-to-day leadership experiences, challenges, problems and opportunities. This can be done one-to-one or in a peer group setting.
      2). How is the alt delivered?
      Both online virtual and onsite face-to-face.
      3). Who delivers the alt?
      Programmes are designed and delivered by an experts in leadership mindsets and the sports industry.
      4). Are grades or diplomas certificates issued?
      For those interested and depending on the country there are options, which include basic certificates, accreditation officially recognised by professional sports associations and partners and dual academic accreditation.
      5). Are there lectures?
      The alt embodies practice based, asynchronous and synchronous learning.
      6). Is is expensive?
      We equate and measure the money you spend with value for investment. We can help you work this out.
      7). Who takes altExecDev?
      • Sector, industry and organisation leaders.
      • C-Suite, MD, Directors and Senior Manager roles.
      • Leaders responsible for developing high level strategy for the next 2 to 5 years.
      • Experienced sector professionals who are hungry to learn and develop, and want to be challenged at postgraduate Master level.
    • Value-Based Client Engagements

      GMG Ltd. is a Value-Based consultancy. The client’s investment is based upon the project within the parameters contracted (never an hourly rate or daily fee). Value is determined by the client's desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result.


      Three value options are available depending on the client's desired objectives/goals and results;


      • Option 1. Learn and Practice 
      • Option 2: +Develop and Perform
      • Option 3. ++ Change, Transform and Embed

      We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision when assistance may be needed or seek permission to spend money if additional help is needed.

      Some characteristics of Value-Based client engagements include;

      • Invest time and resources to build long-term client partnerships.
      • Solutions serve the client’s best interest and improve their current condition.
      • Outcomes and results focused. 
      • Investment is measured by outcomes and results produced.
      • No hourly/time-based billing or daily fee.
      • Extensive periphery benefits built into client engagements.