Solutions Designed to Prepare|Shift Leadership Mindset

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    Grey Matter Thinking (Free Newsletter)


    Free newsletter -leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking


    Leaders View (Premium Content)

    Tailored educational digital media

    for next-gen leaders in vertical sectors


    Leader 4.0 Briefing-Roundtable


    Private/Invitation only interactive
    ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter


    Leadership Performance 4.0


    Individual/Group tailored capability building designed to imbed effective leadership performance practice


    Leadership Project 4.0 (LP 4.0)

    Individual/Group ‘4.0’ capacity building programme tailored to role, organisation and sector strategy


    Business Transformation 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business leadership/management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale

  • Business Leader Briefing-Roundtable

    The Perfect Storm in Industry & Business 4.0

    The Perfect Storm Briefing-Roundtable for leaders is a high impact activity used to raise awareness and disrupt thinking while gaining profound insights. Activities during the event put leaders in the ‘eye of the storm’ applying critical analysis to select vertical sector 4.0 leadership, organisation and sector strategy. Participants are identified and interviewed, then invited to join a select peer group to discuss topics/subjects associated with the theme. Benefits of Leader Briefing-Roundtable can include;

    • Access to all Leader’s View content and benefits. 
    • Practice leadership 4.0 kills recommended by the World Economic Forum ‘Future of Work’ and CMI’s ‘Management 2020’ reports. 
    • Fully immerse Board/leadership team in action learning and ways to understand complexity and solve difficult problems.
    • Help prepare/shift leadership mindset from business/industry ‘3.0' to ‘4.0’ IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution).