Business Transformation 4.0

    Master the Company Lifecycle | Lead/Manage Through Change | Solve Problems 

    The ALPHA Project 4.0


    A comprehensive change management, accelerated growth and organisational development methodology



  • Dynamic tailored transformational programmes for
    Key Senior Management Teams, Corporate Function Discipline Head (CFDH), Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement, Head of Change Management and Head of Corporate Change & Continuous Improvement.





    Team | Collaborate

    Real-World Practical

    Innovate | Synergise

    Implement Decisions Successfully

    Designed for 'Full-Time' Companies

    Action Plan | Results

    What company engagements can include

    • Different ranges for different results.
    • Access to all or one Project.
    • Meeting options: In person or weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Growth Methodology Principles/Fundamentals.
    • Synergistic Team Building.
    • Specific Subsystem Diagnostic
    • Informal Assessments/Diagnostic.
    • Decision Making and Implementation.
    • Stages, Transitions and Traps.
    • Styles, Teams and Conflict.
    • Identify/Solve Points of Improvement.
    • Growth Improvement Action Plan.
    • Prepare Implementation.
    • 'Mine for growth' to achieve results in 30-60-90 days.
  • Tailored Change and Growth Engagements

    Who will benefit

    • Specialised change/growth role: C-Suite, MD, Directors and Senior Managers, Corporate Function Discipline Head (CFDH), Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement, Head of Change Management and Head of Corporate Change & Continuous Improvement.


    • Situation #1: Organisation ‘existential need’ to proactively develop role/business activity to grow and scale (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #2: Organisation ‘existential crisis’ forced to invest effort, money and time ‘firefighting’ reacting to problems/challenges beyond capacity/capability to control (abnormal problems/traps/prematurely ageing).
    • Situation #3: Organisation opportunity to M&A or Exit-Transition and need to accelerate growth, scale, EBITDA or value creation (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #4: Key senior management/ team are reactive to problems/challenges beyond beyond capacity/capability to deal with.
    • Situation #5: Using future focused and/or non customised solutions, which treat all businesses as equal when they are not (i.e. fast growth, stagnant plateau or disintegration/ turnaround).
    • Situation #6: Transitioning from strategy/process/technical optimisation to people/performance optimisation (i.e. from Lean, Six Sigma and Agile process to leadership/management capacity and capability building engagements).

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Ensure value for investment by using ‘tried & tested’ ‘best in class’ methodologies or solutions.
    • Double business valuation (EBITDA) in accelerated time scale (1-2 years).
    • Diagnose business holistically (problems, symptoms and manifestations).
    • Solve difficult problems and deliver opportunities at the current company lifecycle stage.
    • Prepare team(s) for the next company lifecycle stage.
    • Build capacity to work ‘in’ (day-to-day) and ‘on’ (strategy) business.
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.
    • Stop day-to-day ‘fire fighting'.
    • Balance entrepreneurial drive with structured management. 
    • Manage resource constraints caused by new opportunities and fast growth.


  • Use the Power of Company Lifecycle

    Ranked in Top 10 Change Management Solutions by HR Tech Outlook Magazine (2019)
    Ranked #3 All Time 'Best in Class' Methodology by Inc. Magazine (USA)

    *+10% revenue growth after one year.
    +25% average EBITDA increase after first year.
    +43% top quartile sector growth in EBITDA after one year


    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology


    Identify your Company Lifecycle Position

    Assess your current health and potential grow, change or transform


  • Value-Based Client Engagements

    GMG Ltd. is a Value-Based consultancy. The client’s investment is based upon the project within the parameters contracted (never an hourly rate or daily fee). Value is determined by the client's desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result.


    Three value options are available depending on the client's desired objectives/goals and results;


    • Option 1. Learn and Practice
    • Option 2: +Develop and Perform
    • Option 3. ++ Change, Transform and Embed

    We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision when assistance may be needed or seek permission to spend money if additional help is needed.

    Some characteristics of Value-Based client engagements include;

    • Invest time and resources to build long-term client partnerships.
    • Solutions serve the client’s best interest and improve their current condition.
    • Outcomes and results focused.
    • Investment is measured by outcomes and results produced.
    • No hourly/time-based billing or daily fee.
    • Extensive periphery benefits built into client engagements.