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    Grey Matter Global Ltd.

    London (United Kingdom)

    Email: admin@greymatterglobaltd.com

    Linked In: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/johngrisby

    Media Inquiries

    John Grisby has appeared on TV, Radio, Print and Web as an

    expert in the broader areas of sports leadership 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution). He is very well versed in the topics of

    • The science and theory of leadership mindsets
    • Sports 4.0 - the fourth business/industrial revolution
    • Leadership and Industry Mindsets
    • Business/Industry complexity, change and problems
    • Business/Industry topics - performance, management, race, directing, coaching, politics, gender, doping, ethnicity, corruption, sustainability, socio-cultural, millennial, change, finance, systems and strategy
    • Industry/Business change and transformation

    I'm interested in

    • Corporate Leadership 4.0
    • Business Transformation 4.0
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