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    Traditional oil & gas leadership capacity is now a commodity in the fourth industrial

    revolution - upstream is oil & gas 1.0, midstream is oil & gas 2.0 and downstream is

    oil & gas 3.0.


    Oil & Gas 4.0 is 'newstream', which will require new leadership capacties to solve difficult problems in performance, operations, directing, systems, supply chain, marketing, sustainability, finance, diversity and change.

    PDO Change Management Community of Practice

    The Perfect Storm in Oil & Gas 4.0

    Leading/managing through change

    You might have experienced a 'Perfect Storm' in nature. It's a rare combination of circumstances that combines to drastically aggravate an event. First, there's calm, then instability, followed by chaos and total disruption. This is what is taking place at the moment in Oil & Gas - complexity, accelerated change and difficult problems to solve. This topic intends to help raise your awareness about the 'Perfect Storm' and Oil & Gas 4.0 most likely heading your way if it's not already there. We will cover four areas:

    1. What is Oil & Gas 4.0?
    2. Why the pain and impact on leadership?
    3. How do we lead/manage through change?
    4. The way forward.

    Where: Muscat, Oman (Virtual)

    Date: TBA

    Time: London 7AM | ME 11AM | NL 8AM | USA 2AM (EST) | AU 18.00 (ACDT)


    - C-Suite, MD, Directors, Senior Managers

    - Corporate Function Discipline Head

    - Head of Lean & Continuous Improvement

    - Head of Change Management

    - Head of Corporate Change & Continuous




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    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA