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  • The 21st Century Vantage


    Vantage Group 21 is an exclusive Live Case Study thinking environment for next generation leaders in sports. It helps leaders get clarity, raise awareness and 'disrupt' thinking, gaining profound insights. The result positions a leader's thinking at an important strategic advantage and commanding perspective when solving problems.







    Live Case Studies
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  • Live Cast Study

    How it works


    2 + hours peer insight and learning with 8 to 10 industry professionals


    The Live Case Study is a professional topic challenge/problem/ opportunity select from participants. It's the key component to raising awareness, uncovering insights, solving problems and learning from peers.


    We select 8 to 10 individuals from a short interview and ask if they are interested in meeting/learning from peers to discuss topics/subjects associated with a theme in next generation leadership in sports 4.0. Invitations are sent in order of priority.


    The Live Case Study starts with short briefing of the selected topic/ subject followed by a facilitated round table discussion. It's followed by a facilitated session of discussion, learning and problem solving.

    Post Event

    On completion of the event participants relax, network, continue conversations and further develop relationships.

  • Topic 2022






    The Perfect Storm in Oil & Gas 4.0
    (Fourth Industrial Revolution)















    This high impact briefing-roundtable explores present day leadership problems/challenges/opportunities referred to as Perfect Storms.

    Perfect storms are a rare combination of circumstances that combine to drastically aggravate an event. This exactly what is taking place at the moment in oil & gas on many levels of the game, business and industry; increasing complexity, accelerated change and difficult problems.


    Activities during the event put leaders in the ‘eye of the storm’, face-to-face with critical elements that can either make, break or transform their leadership.


    What is your problem? COVID, socio-cultural, ethnicity, race, performance, gender, upstream, downstream, mid-stream, managing, directing, millennials, change, technology?


    Activity Agenda

    1. Participant Welcome: Networking.
    2. Expert Briefing: Insight into Perfect Storms in Oil & Gas.
    3. Topic/Subject: Participant.
    4. Roundtable Conversation: Facilitated ideas, debate and learning.
    5. Participant Network: Build relationships and collaborate

    Register your interest


    • Board level, C-Suite, MD, Director, Senior Management and Senior Teams
    • Leaders who are responsible for developing high level strategy for the next 2 to 5 years.


    • Minimum three years sector/industry experience.
    • Minimum one year in a management or leadership role.


    • 8 to 10 selected participants
    • 1 hour x 2 core leadership themes + pre/post networking and relationship building.
    • Optional: ‘Premium’ leadership digital package (book, white paper, podcast, and videocast).


    Future proof leadership role by prepare/shift leadership mindset from sports ‘3.0’ to ‘4.0’ IR (the fourth industrial revolution). Apply cognitive and strategic thinking skills to make sense of complexity, manage change and solve difficult problems.