• Leader's View (Premium)

    Premium educational digital media for Leadership 4.0

    Are you clear about the shift in your industry/sector from pre-digital age '3.0' to digital age '4.0’?
    Do you understand the demands that paces on your leadership role and organisation?


    Premium is a transformational learning experience designed for leaders in any sports role, game or organisation.

    The format is ideal for self-motivated individuals or small teams who have have game knowledge and are hungry
    for practice based leadership to improve.


    Learn and access knowledge at your own pace through a combination of short intensive educational leadership content. It's combines two learning styles; autonomous/independent (asynchronous learning) and scheduled live 1:1 meetings (synchronous/'together' learning).

    Learn anywhere

    • Watch/Listen - videos and podcasts.
    • Read - book, articles, and presentations.
    • Practice - apply learning and informal assessments to your role.
    • Reflect /Engage - virtual 1:1s with John Grisby/Prof of Practice, Author and expert in leadership mindsets.  
  • Oil & Gas Leadership 4.0 (Spring 2021)

    Complexity, Change and Problems

    Dynamic tailored transformational learning experiences
    for next-generation leaders in Oil & Gas


    Executive Development/Education - Professional CPD - Business Transformation






    One to One


    1. Autographed Book: Leader's View - Oil & Gas Leadership 4.0 (Spring 2021).

    2. Article/Abstract: Sports Leadership Mindsets and Thinking Systems.

    3. Videocast Presentation: Sports Leadership Mindset-Thinking Systems (strategic overview).

    4. Live Case Study: Example of sports leadership mindsets in action (real world application).

    5. Podcast Series: Select recordings of audiobook (4 Episodes).

    6. Assessment: Oil & Gas Leadership Mindset-Map 4.0.

    7. Exclusive Live Q&A: 3 x 1:1 Zoom meetings with author/expert.

    8. Keynote: extra feature available to groups (virtual/onsite).

  • Oil & Gas Leadership 4.0

    Start to Prepare|Shift Your Mindset

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    • C-Suite, MD, Directors and Senior Managers.
    • Leaders responsible for developing high level
      strategy for the next 2 to 5 years.

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Produce a two-five year personal leadership strategy.
    • Start transitioning your leadership skills for the future
      - from 3.0’ to ‘4.0’. 
    • Informally assess/map your leadership mindset in relation to organisation, region and the oil & gas sector.
    • Apply learning and practice directly in our role.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Learn and apply the basic framework for leadership in Oil & Gas 4.0 
    • Learn the general dynamics of leadership mindsets in sports.
    • Understand how your leadership mindsets can impact structure, communication, people, performance and change.
    • Two 1:1 opportunities to reflect and learn from with John Grisby a subject matter expert in oil & gas leadership mindsets.