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    Start to Prepare|Shift Your Mindset

    Take your first steps as a leader into IT-Digital '4.0' - the fourth industrial revolution in the IT-Digital industry. Learn the fundamentals of leadership to get clear about the demands '4.0' will place on your role, team and sport.


    In the next decade IT-Digital leadership effectiveness will be measured by skillsets associated with the business world. Shifting your mindset from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ will improve all aspects of your leadership capacity and capability (development and performance).


    Professional development is now a life long process. Just as crucial as knowing the technical, tactical and strategic elements to achieve results in your role.

    Who Will Benefit

    • Specialised Roles: Sustainability Partner, Sustainability Standards & Impact Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Director of Group Sustainability and ESG, Sustainability and Mobility Strategy, Group Director of Head of Environmental Sustainability, Big Picture and Sustainability, Head of Group Sustainability, Global Centre of Adaptation, Head of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, Head of Sustainable Practices, head of sustainable ownership, Head of Sustainable Investing, Vice President ESG and DEI, Group Sustainable Business and ESG Director, Director of Sustainability, Global Head of Sustainability, Director of Inclusive Impact and Sustainability, Director of Sustainability Strategy, Head of Responsible Investment, Director of Energy Transitions.
    • Personal 'existential need' to proactively self develop capacity, professionalise, increase market value, career progression and/ or improve role performance.
    • Leaders coping with leading strategic systems and structure change.



    Tangible Outcomes

    • Begin to activate core IT-Digital role 'intelligences'.
    • Produce a two-five year personal leadership strategy.
    • Start preparing and shifting your leadership skills and value from present 3.0’ to future ‘4.0’.
    • Informally assess/map your leadership mindset profile in relation to your role business, sector and industry (local and global).
    • Put key learnings directly into practice.







    What You'll Learn

    • Learn the fundamental building blocks for Leadership 4.0.
    • Develop a deeper strategic and contextual understanding for all aspects of your leadership (role, business and sector).
    • Understand how your IT-Digita leadership mindsets can impact structure, communication, people, strategy, socio-cultural, performance and change.
    • Learn a framework to help make complex leadership topics clear, such as strategy, performance, behaviour, change, trnasformation, disruption, 'wild cards', management, 'perfect storms', politics, gender, race, next-generation and problem solving.
    • Introduction to leadership systems and structures change strategy.
    • Discover new pathways of your personal leadership development.
    • Opportunity for intensive 1:1 learning with John Grisby Professor of Practice and a subject matter expert in leadership mindsets.


    *Limited availability. Only 5 places are available per year. Investment depends on your desired objectives/goals and results.

  • Dynamic tailored transformational learning experiences

    • 1 Session: Leadership 4.0 strategic advising taster with digital educational media to learn/educate.
    • 5 Sessions: + Semi-tailored Leadership 4.0 strategic advising to develop/perform.
    • 10 Sessions: ++ Fully tailored Leadership 4.0 strategic advising to embed/transform.











    What Premium can include

    • Weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Premium digital media content to reinforce topics/themes (1-year license).
    • Introduction to Leadership 4.0 Mindsets.
    • Depth of insight on key issues reshaping global leadership in business/industry, such as performance, transformation, disruption, management, race, directing, coaching, problem-solving, politics, gender, sustainability, socio-cultural, millennial, change, finance,
      systems and strategy.

    *Limited availability. Only 5 places are available per year. Investment depends on your desired objectives/goals and results.


    Meet Your Professor of Practice

    John Grisby is a 'hybrid' Professor of Practice (academia), Managing Partner (private sector) and author. He is a London based American and works with leaders across many different industries and parts of the world to be effective

    in the 4.0 environment - which is characterised by complexity, change and problems.


    He has learned almost everything about leadership, change and problem solving from five resources.

    • First as a Professor and private sector practitioner working cross-sector and globally. I’m familiar with how academic rigour, pedagogy, research, methodology and theory applies in the real world
    • Second from Myles Downey, author of the best-selling book Effective Coaching and pioneer in an evidence-based methodology and commercial application for executive coaching in performance (individuals/teams/organisations).
    • Third Dr Clare Graves and Dr Don Beck. Developers of the first principle, unified science 'double-helix' theory and commercial application, core to the approach to human mindset-thinking systems, structures, development and change.
    • Fourth from Dr Ichak Adizes, founder of the Adizes Institute and developer of the 'best in class' Lifecycle methodology with commercial application and concepts, core to the approach to organisational change.
    • Fifth Dr Geert Hofstede Professor Emeritus of Organizational Anthropology and International Management at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, well known for his pioneering research on cross-cultural groups and organizations.
    • Last from the many clients around the world who openly shared their experiences, successes and struggles.

    His expertise in Executive Coaching for Performance was developed as a member of Faculty at The School of Coaching founded by Myles Downey a pioneer in executive and corporate performance coaching industry. As Faculty/Consultant/Coach he led Open Programmes and was responsible for consulting, designing and delivering leadership performance programmes in companies including; Sky, NFU Mutual, National Grid, British Gas, Freshfields, NHS East of England and Lloyds TSB.

    John understands the difficult challanges Founder/Owners face having worked with companies such as a seventh generation UK family owed business (£20M Turnover) and US fast growth company ($50M turnover). He facilitates building capacity/ capability in privately owned business and Private Equity portfolio companies using the Company Lifecycle Methodology - ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) as all time 'best in class' methodology for business growth and change. He has developed SME growth programmes (virtual/onsite) for the EU/UK/SEMLEP, which include, Innovation Bridge, ICT Escalator, ALPHAS Growth, Post-Covid-19 Business Continuity and Micro Knowledge Exchange Partnership (MKE). He is the Founder of XPX London Chapter, part of XPX Global (USA) an association of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

    Corporate Leadership Books

    Leader's View Oil & Gas 4.0 - Next Generation Leadership Strategy in Oil & Gas (forthcoming Michael Terrence Publishing 2022).

    Leadership Project 4.0 - Master the Codes of Effective Leadership 4.0 (forthcoming Michael Terrence Publishing 2022).


    Corporate Leadership Publications

    - HR Revolution Magazine (Middle East)
    - Credit Strategy (UK)
    - Chartered Management Institute Insights (CMI)

  • Premium FAQ


    Do have to apply?


    Yes. Slots are limited to availability.

    What is the investment ?


    Premium Strategic Advising is a value based. Three value options are available - 1 Session, 5 sessions and 10 Sessions. Value is determined by the individual's desired objectives/goals/results and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result and investment is based upon the project within the parameters contracted. We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision when assistance may be needed or seek permission to spend money if additional help is needed.

    What technology do I need?

    You will need a standard computer/tablet/smartphone, a good internet connection and be able to access/play MP3s and videos.

    I work full-time. Do I have time?

    Premium is designed for full-time professionals. One of the best features is being a self-driven engagement which combines asynchronous (independent) and synchronous (live) learning. Some participants take one month others 12 months.

    What is the refund policy?

    Cancellations and a full refund can be made by complementing the ROI (Return on Investment) feedback form.

    How do I convert to timezone?


    Are there criteria to engaging advising?

    Yes. An informal meeting is mandatory to understanding if Premium and we are a good fit. If you're interested please click the 'More Details' button. More information and a calendar link will be sent. Choose a date/time and provide the following information.

    1. Current role
    2. Years in role/industry
    3. Reason(s) for leadership development
    4. Any other useful information

    Your informal meeting will be confirmed promptly.


    *Limited availability. Only 5 places are available per year. Investment depends on your desired objectives/goals and results.