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    Leaders View (Premium Content)

    Tailored educational digital media

    for next-gen leaders in vertical sectors


    Leader 4.0 Briefing-Roundtable


    Private/Invitation only interactive
    ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter


    Leadership Performance 4.0

    Individual/Group tailored capability building designed to imbed effective leadership performance practice


    Leadership Project 4.0 (LP 4.0)

    Individual/Group ‘4.0’ capacity building programme tailored to role, organisation and sector strategy


    Business Transformation 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business leadership/management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale

  • Leadership Performance 4.0

    Capacity building engagements designed to embed effective leadership performance practice

    Executive Coaching in Performance, EMCC Senior Practitioner Accreditation & Post Grad

    Certification from The University of Strathclyde, The School of Coaching (UK).

    Authorized by Myles Downey (acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership) to teach and facilitate the delivery of Leader-Manager-Coach and the development of leadership performance coaching skills.

    "In a survey 86% of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future leaders in the organisation" - Excerpt from an article on coaching, Harvard Business Review

    Intensive and highly practical engagement for leaders and senior management interested in improving their ability to transform the performance/productivity in their role and direct reports/teams to deliver results. The benefits of Leadership Performance 4.0 can include;

    • Methodology pioneered by Myles Downey author of Effective Coaching and acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership.
    • Transform the productivity and performance of others (teams/direct reports)
    • Develop a personal performer and ‘continuous improvement’ framework.
    • Integrate performance coaching practice within the roles Leader-Manager-Coach and existing day-to-day work management systems.
    • Accelerate achievement aligning with current goals.
    • Improve the human element of leadership and management can complement lean process/technical element.
    • Embed organisational performance culture through coaching.
    • Future proof role by developing premium 'soft skills’ (coaching and mentoring), ranked number three on the list of CMI’s ‘Management 2020’ reports.