Clarity is Power in 4IR 
    (the Fourth Industrial Revolution)







  • Our process is powered by a range of methodologies attuned for leadership in the fourth industrial revolution (business/industry).

  • Industry & Business 4.0


    We partner with private and public sector clients to design transformational learning experiences that prepare and shift
    leadership mindset for business/industry 4.0. Our extensive background working in global markets gives

    unique insights to critical issues leaders face on multiple levels.

  • Purpose


    The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0)

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    Each of the three industrial revolutions has caused different demands on management and leadership. We are now entering a fourth industrial revolution where business leaders need skills to match the environment. What worked before will need to be different from what’s coming in the age of 'Cognitive', ‘Digital’, ‘Complexity’ and ‘Problematic’.

    Business leaders in the first three industrial revolutions relied on physical instinct, tactical knowledge and technological innovation to solve problems. In the fourth industrial revolution accelerated change and complexity mean a leader will also have to rely on capacity and adaptive and cognitive abilities i.e. ‘Digital Mindset’.

    These abilities are not well recognized yet in organisations or leadership but will make the difference between success and failure.

  • Leadership 4.0

    Activate and Develop Leadership Capacity/Capability


    Make Sense of Complexity | Lead/Manage Through Change | Solve Difficult Problems

    Being an effective leader is now a life-long process and continual personal development is crucial.

    The *World Economic Forum describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the 'perfect storm', resulting in significant change, transformation, disruption and impact. By 2020 (and beyond) every industry and sector will require new and

    improved leadership skill sets:

    1. Active learning 
    2. Creative thinking
    3. Critical Thinking/Analysis/Sensemaking
    4. Complex Problem Solving/Problem definition
    5. Leadership and Social Influence 
    6. Emotional Intelligence 
    7. Judgement and Decision Making  
    8. People Management 
    9. Cognitive Flexibility 

    *World Economic Forum - The Future of Jobs Report (2018)

    To learn these skills requires continual practice and rich interaction solving real problems. Leaders who come to us are highly skilled, accomplished and recognised in their role/sector. Typically they are looking for premium services to build capacity and improve capability at critical points in leadership execution and journey. We offer premium services focused on delivering results, which benefits include:

    • Ability to clearly understand complex situations and develop sustainable strategies.
    • Making and taking the right decisions to implement and deliver critical agendas.
    • Developing/activating and leverage capacities/capabilities to effectively lead in a 'digital world'.
    • Becoming an 'adaptive' bottom line problem solver.  
    • Transforming self, teams and others. 
    • Increasing the significant value of role as a leader (financial, performance, skill, development and visibility).

    Skills 2025

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    Report 2020

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