• New Book for Next-Generation Leaders in Oil & Gas 4.0 (WINTER 2022)

    "The possibility for an individual, team or organisation to grow, develop and perform
    to their full potential is never be greater than the quality of its leadership."

    About the book

    Leader’s View Oil & Gas 4.0 is the guidebook for next-generation leadership in oil and gas ‘4.0’ – the sector’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Oil & Gas is facing ‘perfect storm’ scenarios similar to every industry, with accelerated change, complexity and difficulty problems to solve. Here John Grisby integrates human science with practical, real-world application, showing how you can better lead in your role and organisation.

    This is the only book you can buy that unifies every aspect of Oil & Gas leadership – from the socio-cultural to human science and context – into a holistic approach. Oil & Gas expert Hilal Dughaishi provides high level strategic guidance through all the industry’s cultural and contextual ‘codes’. Once adapted, Leader’s View strategy allows you to affectively lead in your role, team, organisation and sector.

    If you want to to survive the ‘perfect storm’, this should be the only leadership principles manual you choose.