• Down the Rabbit Hole

    The science of leadership mindsets

    A Grey Matter podcast series

    Exploring how the human sciences influence leadership capacity and capability,
    which ultimately determines 'who survives' and who does not.




    The human bio-psycho-neuro-socio-cultural 'DNA' of leadership.

    Leadership is first a thought and then expressed by action. One can never lead better than the quality of their thinking. This is where the rabbit hole begins, exploring the vast labyrinth of a leader’s human elements (human science).

    There is a practical side to leadership methodology. This podcast take us down the other route, exploring the vast human scientific domains that influence leadership. Ultimately they impact how leaders and their organisations/industries adapt, develop, respond perform and survive (or not).

    Each episode is as ‘Q&A’ with a leader or subject expert who analyse how specific domains relate to leadership thinking, behaviour, capacity and capability.

    Sociology | Behaviour | Biological Evolution | Genetics | Neuroscience | Psychology
    Cognitive Behaviour Evolutionary | Anthropology | Adult Development
    Linguistics | Cultural Evolution


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    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice