• Grey Matter Podcast Series

    Corporate Leadership 4.0

  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Available autumn 2021)
    The science of leadership mindsets

    Exploring how the human sciences influence leadership capacity and capability, which ultimately determines who 'survives' and who does not.


    The human bio-psycho-neuro-socio-cultural 'DNA' of leadership.


    Leadership is first a thought and then expressed by action. One can never lead better than the quality of their thinking. This is where the rabbit hole begins, exploring the vast labyrinth of what makes a leader’s mindset - the human elements (human science).

    There is a practical, 'hands on' side to leadership mindset, which are models and methodology. This podcast however takes you down the other route, exploring the vast human scientific domains that influence leadership mindsets. Ultimately these domains impact how leaders and their organisations/industries think, adapt, develop, respond, perform and survive (or not).

    Down the Rabbit Hole takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership. It integrates
    themes that cut across and connect between different disciplines, and their relationship to the real world of leadership.


    Each episode is as ‘Q&A’ with a leader or subject expert who analyses how a specific domain relate to leadership thinking, behaviour, capacity and capability.

    Sociology | Behaviour | Biological Evolution | Human Geography | Genetics | Neuroscience Psychology | Cognitive Behaviour | Evolutionary Anthropology | Adult Development
    Linguistics | Cultural Evolution

    EPISODES (Available autumn 2021)

    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice

  • Leaders' View (Public)
    Thinking Business 4.0

    Are you clear about the shift in your industry/sector from pre-digital age '3.0' to digital age '4.0’? Do you understand the demands that paces on your leadership role and organisation?

    Leader’s View takes a unique ‘iceberg’ approach, by critically analysing leadership, organisational and sector mindset systems and structures, which are drivers below
    the surface level that impact visible surface level organisation, sector and leadership

    Depending on the sector critical analysis of topics can include, behaviour, change, performance, problem solving, strategy, operations, disruption, gender, ethnicity, race, sustainability and next generation thinking.

    Leader’s View occasionally releases a 'taster' of 'Premium' content to market - educational digital media for Leadership 4.0. 'Premium' is an exclusively designed and tailored transformational learning experience for one to one or small teams in a specific role, organisation and industry organisation. For more information about the vertical sectors
    we are working in please visit Leader's View in 'Solutions'.


    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice