• Next Generation Leadership in Industry & Business


    We prepare leaders for the world of work in the business 4.0 and facilitate a shift
    in mindset by designing transformative learning experiences.

    All engagements are designed to leverage experiences, and for professionals in roles who decide, develop and lead organisation, business and sector strategy.


    Designed for

    • BoDs
    • CEOs
    • MDs
    • Senior Management Teams 
    • Division Directors

    Leadership 4.0 Skills

    • Complex Problem Solving 
    • Critical Thinking 
    • People Management 
    • Coordinating Others
    • Emotional Intelligence 
    • Cognitive Flexibility 

    Benefits Include

    • Make sense of complexity 
    • Solve difficult problems 
    • Design sustainable strategy 
    • Raise awareness
    • Future proof role/business
    • Transform/enable others 

    Solutions Designed to Prepare|Shift Leadership Mindset


    Grey Matter Thinking (Free Newsletter)


    Free newsletter -leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking


    Leaders View (Premium Content)

    Tailored educational digital media

    for next-gen leaders in vertical sectors


    Leader 4.0 Briefing-Roundtable


    Private/Invitation only interactive
    ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter


    Leadership Performance 4.0


    Individual/Group tailored capability building designed to imbed effective leadership performance practice


    Leadership Project 4.0 (LP 4.0)

    Individual/Group ‘4.0’ capacity building programme tailored to role, organisation and sector strategy


    Business Transformation 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business leadership/management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale

  • Value-Based Client Engagements

    GMG Ltd. is a Value-Based consultancy. The client’s investment is based upon the project within the parameters contracted (never an hourly rate or daily fee). Value is determined by the client's desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result.


    Three value options are available depending on the client's desired objectives/goals and results;


    1. Teach/Learn/Educate
    2. + Develop/Coach/Enable/Perform/Facilitate
    3. ++ Consult/Develop/Embed/Transform/Change


    We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision when assistance may be needed or seek permission to spend money if additional help is needed.

    Some characteristics of Value-Based client engagements include;

    • Invest time and resources to build long-term client partnerships.
    • Solutions serve the client’s best interest and improve their current condition.
    • Outcomes and results focused. 
    • Investment is measured by outcomes and results produced.
    • No hourly/time-based billing or daily fee.
    • Extensive periphery benefits built into client engagements.