• Strategy | Sustainable Leadership Mindset 4.0 (Premium)

    Learn and Practice


    One-to-one leadership strategic capacity accelerator


    1 Session | 5 Sessions | 10 Sessions 

  • Is your Sustainable leadership fit for '4.0' -

    the fourth industrial revolution?

    Prepare/shift your leadership mindset to deal with sustainability's complexity, change, and problems. Complete the Map-Profile, and we’ll send you a personalised Sustainable Leadership Mindset Map-Profile. It's a free insight into areas of leadership capacity improvement, development, and change.

    Sustainable Leadership 4.0

    (Mindset Systems)

  • Premium Experience - Client Journey  



    Get informed, Register, Schedule Informal Informational Meetings, Sign T&Cs, and Start



    Intake Meeting - Goals/Objectives/Areas




    Listen to Podcasts | Watch Videos




    One-to-One Meetings + Q&A



    Complete Assessments and Audits



    Learn, Practice, and Feedback

    (In Your Role/Organisation)


  • Design your learning and development experience

    1 Session: Strategic capacity overview with digital educational media to learn/educate.


    5 Sessions: +Semi-tailored choose specific areas for strategic advising to develop/perform.


    10 Sessions: ++Fully tailored, choose specific areas for strategic advising to embed/transform.

    *Depending on your desired results/outcomes, Premium can include;

    • Weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Leadership 4.0 book and audiobook (sector-specific).
    • Digital media content to reinforce critical topics/themes (podcast/video/PDF).
    • Feedback and skills practice in your role and organisation.
    *Value/results are determined by the client's investment in achieving their desired objectives/goals
    and GMG's contribution to helping the theme achieve a specific result.


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  • Limited to 5 places

    per year


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